Successful Seminar introducing Chen Taiji Quan

The following comments were received from students who attended the first in a new seminar series introducing Chen Taijiquan to Tse Qigong Centre students in New Zealand.

“After all these years I have never tried my hand at Taijiquan.  I have of course seen it being demonstrated by Tse Sigong and some of the very skilled Tse Qigong Centre students but it was a thrill to have the opportunity to learn more about this very famous martial art. Cynthia’s presentation describing the roots of Chen Taiqiquan was so interesting and I look forward to reading Master Tse’s book.  The whole day was just great with step by step learning of new moves and trying to get a sense of the movement from the waist. I thought Cynthia demonstrated this very well and you could see the energy of the form.  It was also good to recognise the need for strong roots without forgetting the relaxation principle. This resonated with students who already practise Wild Goose Qigong and Chun Yuen Quan. ‘Intricate’ is a word that comes to mind for me to describe the movements of Chen Taijiquan.  Thank you Cynthia for all your study that has enabled this skill to be offered to us and I look forward to the next seminar in December.”  – Belinda Hadfield

Thank you Sijie. So clear! I really enjoyed both the lecture and all the moves that we covered. I’m feeling challenged but also full of energy. Brilliant!   – Jennifer

Fabulous day! Great instruction and it is wonderful to be learning a new skill. Thank you.   -Liz

Thanks very much for presenting the seminar on Saturday.  The energy is really different from Qi Gong and I must admit I found it harder to adjust to than I thought I would, having done some Yang style Taiji Quan in the past (a long time ago though!). Never-the-less it was very enjoyable.  Looking forward to the next session in a month.   -Derek

Wonderful energy, terrific to be learning a new form – challenges me! Thank you Sifu.  -Nicola

Fantastic workshop today learning Chen Taiji Quan with Sifu Cynthia. Great commitment to have people from Napier and Kapit Coast to participate. I’m looking forward to the next workshop 2nd December.  -Catherine

The next seminar will be held December 2.  Beginners may start the form then and others will review and continue learning the 19 Form.

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