Chen Taijiquan Laojia Seminar Series

Hawkes Bay Qigong (Sifu Jennifer Leaf) has hosted a series of seminars teaching the traditional Chen long form ‘Laojia’ taught by Sifu Cynthia Shaw. The next seminar will be held in the Cornwall Park Community Room in Hastings on Saturday 10 June. Beginners are welcome and will learn at their own pace. Contact Sifu Leaf 021 298 6740 or Sifu Shaw 021 613 081 for more information. See flyer on Hawkes Bay Qigong website and Wellington Qigong Facebook page.

13 Grab Stick Seminar NZ

2020 Seminars with Master Tse – Postponed to July

Unfortunately the advertised programme for Master Tse’s visit to New Zealand has had to be postponed because of the Coronovirus situation.  It is currently scheduled to take place in the week 7-13 July.  Information will be published closed to that time.

We look forward every year to his seminars in a range of martial arts and Dayan Qigong.  Not only is this an opportunity to learn from the amazing teaching offered by Master Tse, but getting together with other students across New Zealand and Australia is enriching and great fun.

New Zealand Programme

The New Zealand programme this year will include  two evenings of 13 Grabstick – which has been hugely popular the last two years.  This is open to anyone whether you have studied in the Chun-Yuen syllabus or not.  Sticks will be available to purchase but give us plenty of warning if you are new to this form so we can ensure a supply of sticks.  We need your height to cut the stick correctly for you.

Hard Qigong Level 1 continues from previous years and is open to current active members of the Tse Qigong Centre who have studied for at least one year.

The weekend seminar this year continues with Plum Blossom Gong.  Again this is open to new and existing members. This is a beautiful form from the Level 2 Dayan Qigong syllabus.

There will be a shared dinner on Saturday evening.

Monday morning Master Tse will continue teaching Tui Shou / Pushing Hands for Chen Taijiquan students – this should not be missed by Taijiquan students.

And Monday evening wraps up the programme with polishing and reviewing forms taught the previous days or other forms that might be requested for polishing.

Detailed programmes and registration forms will be available by early May.  They can be requested from your Sifu if a current member or email .




Chen Taijiquan Seminar October 19 – open to beginners and continuing students

I have been running a series of seminars  since 2017 teaching the first forms of Chen style Taijiquan to senior students.  Generally there have been three seminars a year and include lecture material, new learning and polishing of old learning.  Recently we have also practised basic Tui Shou (Pushing Hands) training and we look forward to more of that when Master Tse returns to New Zealand next February. There was a break this year as I  was overseas for a few months however the next seminar is October 19th at Te Horo Hall 12pm – 4pm.

I have decided to open up the seminar series to beginners who may wish to begin their Chen Taijiquan journey (or may have recently started) and through and through an intensive 3-4 hours learning get a good head start.  They may then follow up in classes or wait until the next seminar later this year probably.

These seminars have been great fun and as Sifu, I have been impressed by the focus and learning exhibited by the students – and their enthusiasm!  As Master Tse Wei Jing often comments, practising Chen Taijiquan is addictive – it is such a good feeling that comes from the spiral movements.  And of course, although a martial art, it is also very good for your health.

Go to the Taijiquan page on this website for more information.  Contact Sifu Cynthia Shaw on 021 613 081 if you are keen to attend this seminar and have not yet  been sent a registration letter.



Term 4 classes Wellington and Te Horo : Dayan Qigong, Shaolin Fist, Chen style Taijiquan

Classes recommence for Term 4 Tuesday October 15 in Wellington and Wednesday October 16 in Te Horo.

Shaolin Fist (Chun Yuen Quan) classes are held 11am Tuesdays in Karori, 6pm Tuesdays at Clyde Quay School and 6pm Wednesdays in Te Horo.  Traditional Shaolin forms adapted and passed down through the Beijing Opera include bare fisted forms for training postures, energy, balance etc and weapon forms including Damo staff, straight and broadsword forms and short staff forms.

Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong classes are held 11.30 – 12.30 Tuesdays at Karori, 6.30 – 7.30 pm at Clyde Quay and 6.30pm at Te Horo.  This is one of the most famous Qigong traditions, passed down to my Tai Sigong Yang Mei Jun and from her to Master Tse who founded the Tse Qigong Centre in the UK where he teaches a range of martial arts as well as Dayan Qigong. Wild Goose Qigong trains the body to allow freer circulation of Qi – for self healing, relaxation, improved balance and energy.

Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) classes and seminars are taught in Te Horo, Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm and through seminars held every few months on the Kapiti Coast. The next seminar is Saturday 19th October and is open to beginners.  See following post.  Chen Taijiquan syllabus begins with short forms developed by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang in Chen Village and progresses to longer forms as well as short weapon forms.

Beginners are welcome any time at all classes.  Please contact the Sifu, Cynthia Shaw, if you intend to attend a class.




2019 Seminars with Master Michael Tse


Once again New Zealand (and Australian) students are looking forward to the annual visit of Master Michael (Wei Jing) Tse from the Tse Qigong Centre in the UK.  The Australian programme begins on February 20th and includes a form new to students and instructors, Miju Quan, a closed fist form in the Chun Yuen (North Shaolin) syllabus.  More of the intricate Enlightenment Gong form will also be taught and Wing Chun students will also have an opportunity to polish their skills.

In New Zealand the highly popular 13 Grab Stick continues over two evenings on 27th and 28th February at Paraparaumu College and Plum Blossom Gong continues at Paraparaumu Memorial Hall.  A new skill being introduced is Tui Shou / Pushing Hands in the Chen Taijiquan syllabus and something for everyone is offered at the Polishing seminar that concludes the programme on 4 March.  For programme details and registration contact Sifu Belinda Hadfield at – or leave an enquiry on this page.

Master Tse is an internationally acclaimed teacher of Wild Goose Qigong and a range of martial arts.  No wonder we are getting excited as his visit approaches!




Damo Staff Seminar in Hawkes Bay 13 October

Sifu Belinda Hadfield continues her Damo Staff teaching in the Hawkes Bay, hosted by her student Sifu Jennifer Leaf.  For details contact Sifu Jennifer Leaf or Sifu Belinda Hadfield at

Damo Staff is one of the key forms in the Chun Yuen Quan (North Shaolin) syllabus within the Tse Qigong Centre teaching.  It is great fun, really good for co-ordination and posture and straightens out those shoulder issues acquired from too much computer work!  It uses a brow height wooden staff.  Another staff form taught by the Tse Qigong Centre is 13 Grab Stick which is a shorter staff (breast height) but uses many similar movements.  13 Grab Stick will be taught by Grandmaster Michael Tse when he next visits New Zealand in early March next year.



Master Tse Returns to New Zealand

On 28 February, Master Tse will start his 2018 seminar series with a Chun Yuen (North Shaolin) called 13 Grab Stick.  For students who have learned the Damo Staff, the movements will be familiar and they will enjoying wielding the shorter staff.  The Qigong form this year continues with the lovely Plum Blossom Gong and on the weekend, experienced students will be going deeper into the skill of Heavenly Monastery Hard Qigong.

Registrations close this Friday to avoid a late fee.  Any non members interested in the evening seminars can contact me to discuss.

Courses are also being run in Brisbane starting 21st February – I can send the programme if anyone wishes to see it or contact Wild Goose Qigong Australia

The New Zealand programme is:

Wednesday 28 February:  13 Grab Stick   6.30 – 9.00pm, Porirua College, Driver Cres, Porirua

Thursday-Friday 1-2 March:  Plum Blossom Gong    6.30 – 9.00pm, Porirua College, Driver Cres, Porirua

Saturday-Sunday 3-4 March: Heavenly River Monastery Hard Qigong (members only)   Saturday 1-5pm, Sunday 11am – 3pm

Monday 5 March: Polishing and Reviewing Seminar:  6.30 – 9pm Porirua College.



Successful Seminar introducing Chen Taiji Quan

The following comments were received from students who attended the first in a new seminar series introducing Chen Taijiquan to Tse Qigong Centre students in New Zealand.

“After all these years I have never tried my hand at Taijiquan.  I have of course seen it being demonstrated by Tse Sigong and some of the very skilled Tse Qigong Centre students but it was a thrill to have the opportunity to learn more about this very famous martial art. Cynthia’s presentation describing the roots of Chen Taiqiquan was so interesting and I look forward to reading Master Tse’s book.  The whole day was just great with step by step learning of new moves and trying to get a sense of the movement from the waist. I thought Cynthia demonstrated this very well and you could see the energy of the form.  It was also good to recognise the need for strong roots without forgetting the relaxation principle. This resonated with students who already practise Wild Goose Qigong and Chun Yuen Quan. ‘Intricate’ is a word that comes to mind for me to describe the movements of Chen Taijiquan.  Thank you Cynthia for all your study that has enabled this skill to be offered to us and I look forward to the next seminar in December.”  – Belinda Hadfield

Thank you Sijie. So clear! I really enjoyed both the lecture and all the moves that we covered. I’m feeling challenged but also full of energy. Brilliant!   – Jennifer

Fabulous day! Great instruction and it is wonderful to be learning a new skill. Thank you.   -Liz

Thanks very much for presenting the seminar on Saturday.  The energy is really different from Qi Gong and I must admit I found it harder to adjust to than I thought I would, having done some Yang style Taiji Quan in the past (a long time ago though!). Never-the-less it was very enjoyable.  Looking forward to the next session in a month.   -Derek

Wonderful energy, terrific to be learning a new form – challenges me! Thank you Sifu.  -Nicola

Fantastic workshop today learning Chen Taiji Quan with Sifu Cynthia. Great commitment to have people from Napier and Kapit Coast to participate. I’m looking forward to the next workshop 2nd December.  -Catherine

The next seminar will be held December 2.  Beginners may start the form then and others will review and continue learning the 19 Form.


Seminar Introducing Chen Taiji Quan Short Form

Chen style ‘Tai Chi’ (Taiji Quan) is one of five traditional Chinese skills taught within the Tse Qigong Centre.  Chen is the original Taiji skill from which other, often more commonly known Taiji skills, such as Yang style, have developed. Whereas Wild Goose Qigong is a skill purely for developing health and well-being, Taiji Quan originated as a martial art for defensive purposes.  None-the-less, both are internal and share some principles such as moving from the waist – in spiral movements in the case of Chen – and both support good health.

Sifu Cynthia Shaw will be teaching the Chen 19 Short Form in a series of seminars, starting on October 28th this year.  Cynthia’s Tai-Sigong is Chen Xiao Wang, current Grand-master of the Chen family skill, based in Chen Village, Henan Province in China.  Her Sigong, Tse Wei Jing (Michael Tse) led a party of Tse Qigong Centre members to Chen Village in October 2015.  “it was tremendously exciting to stand in Chen Family Temple, where some hundreds of years ago this skill first began.  And awesome to meet Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang himself and join in his 70th birthday celebrations.”

It is a privilege to be in a direct line of authorisation to teach this skill.  My Sigong Tse Wei Jing is a close student of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and is very particular to ensure the skill is passed down correctly with true energy so students can enjoy the health giving benefits of Chen Taiji Quan.

For further information contact Sifu Shaw at or phone 021 613081, or leave a message on this website.


Seminars to be held Terms 3 and 4

Wild Goose Qigong Seminar – Paekakariki Memorial Hall

Sifus Cynthia Shaw and Belinda Hadfield will be holding another Wild Goose Qigong seminar in September.  This will follow similar formats as the previous seminars where students who know the form are able to polish and refine their work; and students new to learning the form are able to add more to their work. The previous seminars have been very successful and Sifu Cynthia will have just returned from Instructors and the Wild Goose Qigong seminar in England so will be fresh with updates to pass on.  Even if you have not attended previous seminars, you are most welcome to attend and start your journey with this beautiful form.  This is likely to be the last Wild Goose Qigong seminar for some time.

Date:  Saturday, 30 September 10am – 3pm (this is a change to date previously advertised)

Venue: Paekakariki Memorial Hall, 98 The Parade, Paekakariki  (this is a change from previously advertised venue)

Fee:  $100 for members, $160 for non members

Contact:  Sifu Belinda, email telephone 04 297 0722 or 027 242 7988


Introduction to Chen Taiji Quan Seminar – Porirua College

Sifu Cynthia will begin teaching the foundation 19 Form from the Tse Qigong Centre Chen Taijiquan syllabus.  This seminar will be held October – November, date yet to be fixed.  Further information about this will be sent out later in the year.