"... more than just exercise..."

Learn Qigong – “more than just exercise”

‘Qi’ is your internal energy. It’s the ‘fizz’ we notice when feeling healthy and rearing to go – or notice the lack of when unwell or just feeling down. The ancient Chinese discovered they could work with this Qi using movement and meditation and build up reserves of Qi while also flexing and strengthening the body.   Our Qigong tradition originated nearly 2000 years ago. It developed from observing the movements of the beautiful Wild Geese resting high up in the Kunlun Mountains of western China.

Instructor Cynthia Shaw has recently returned from two weeks intensive training in the UK – a journey she undertakes most years. She has been teaching these skills since 2004. Grand Master Tse Wei Jing, originally from Hong Kong, requires Tse Centre authorised instructors to participate in training and testing preferably every year – to ensure the skills are passed on with continuing integrity.

Returning to the source is hugely stimulating,” says Cynthia. “I return refreshed and keen to pass on this treasure trove of health enhancing practice to the classes in Wellington.”

Sifu Cynthia is starting beginner classes next school term. From her experience, seniors especially can gain much benefit from practising these gentle but dynamic movements. If you would like to improve your balance, gain greater flexibility of joints and back movement, develop deeper relaxation, then try out Wild Goose Qigong. Of course, these benefits apply to men and women of all ages.

Anyone interested in a three week introductory course, or joining an existing class, contact 021 613 081 or leave a message here at www.newzealandqigong.com.


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