Seven Star Opening Gong

Master Michael Tse March Seminars in Wellington

What a packed two weeks! Four days of seminars in Brisbane followed by six days in Wellington. The programme here included 5 Tiger Broadsword, Introduction to Hard Qigong, Seven Star Opening Gong, Moon Gong and a Polishing evening to finish off. For some of us much of it thankfully was polishing, re-learning or perhaps adding a little with only the Moon Gong as completely new learning. For others, much of the week in New Zealand was new learning and yet everyone seems to have absorbed this really well. This of course is largely because of Master Tse’s wonderfully clear teaching. The lectures were inspirational. It was also wonderful to welcome our friends from Australia and UK. In New Zealand students come together from three regions and refresh friendships and make new ones. Such a great family! We are very lucky.

Once again we are also grateful to Porirua College for use of the hall and grounds. Blessed with fantastic summer weather, many of the seminars were outside in the fresh air. Great Qi!

On the Saturday evening we got together at Dragon Restaurant in Tory street and were treated to a selection of delicious dishes all ordered by Master Tse. Over twenty people sat around getting to know each other from different regions and countries and learning more about Chinese cuisine and etiquette.

As well as a busy programme teaching classes and seminars in London, Master Tse travels overseas to teach seminar programmes for classes in Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand as well as in Europe. He calls this ‘watering his flowers’ as not many overseas students are lucky enough to travel to England for refreshment although their instructors have to go at least every three years. He has even begun instructor training and testing overseas and says this is ‘planting new seeds’ so that the skills he teaches will carry on for future generations.

Thank you so much Sigong. You travel such a long way, pack in so much teaching including private lessons, and leave us feeling truly inspired and energised. Everyone is looking forward to next March!

This annual visit every March is anticipated eagerly and we now need to practise and polish all the new learning – and look forward to 2017.