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Successful Wild Goose Seminar

Fourteen students from Wellington, Kapiti Coast and Hawkes Bay attended the 1st 64 Wild Goose Seminar led by Sifus Cynthia Shaw (Wellington) and Belinda Hadfield (Kapiti Coast) last Saturday. Once again, the event was hosted at Porirua College in a large, airy space called ‘Tangare”, for which thanks to senior Qigong student Susanne Jungersen who is Principal of the College.

This was an opportunity for experienced students to polish the movements and refresh the energy in this beautiful form, the foundation of the Dayan Qigong system – and also for a couple of students to begin to learn it. The commitment from the students and positive energy in the room made this a highly valuable and enjoyable day for both teachers and students. Yummy snacks were shared, old friendships caught up on and new ones forged.

Everyone left looking forward to Part 2, on October 15. Here are some comments from the students who attended:

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Thank you Sifu Belinda and Cynthia! This was a fantastic day with some great polishings to take away. It was also great to see other students again and share the energy! – Liz Waterhouse

A very informative and worthwhile workshop. Lots of bits of polishing to pratise. Thank you Sifu Belinda and Cynthia. – Barb NM.

 Excellent idea to polish 1st 64 with our two knowledgeable and adept teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed this and realise yet again that learning even just this one form is a life long journey. I learnt heaps. – Susanne

Thank you Sifu Cynthia and Belinda for this opportunity to polish. It was a most enjoyable and enlightening session. There was good, positive energy in the room. I have learnt a lot today and had many moves clarified. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill. – Regards, Nicola Venning

 Very, very educating in the way of transitioning and balancing of the form and of body and mind. Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge. – Nick Klaus

A great session – thank you. “Each move has its importance – let the qi arrive!” Thank you for the day. – Brenda

 Picked up some great tips. Looking forward to practising later. Thanks. – Cormac.

So nice to have the time with Wild Goose and camaraderie of geese. I felt more confident about the form and received excellent tips and polishings to put into practice and to develop my eye to help my students. Great day – thank you! – Jennifer

 Great day. Great teachers. Many thanks. JM.

Well, well – it was certainly worthwhile for me! Deciding at the last minute to travel down from the Bay! I’m sure the good qi has helped my illness disappear. I certainly know that I was most distressed at the thought of missing today – especially as the timing is perfect. I have just completed and passed the 1st test. Thanks teachers!!! – Bethne.

 The course on Saturday was very enjoyable and it was great to meet up with people from Wellington and Hawkes Bay.  It’s always stimulating to see demonstrations and watch for new details in a familiar form, so having you, Cynthia and Sifu Belinda available was really good.

I’m looking forward to the follow on in October to work on 2nd 64. Best regards, Derek


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