Damo Staff Seminar in Hawkes Bay 13 October

Sifu Belinda Hadfield continues her Damo Staff teaching in the Hawkes Bay, hosted by her student Sifu Jennifer Leaf.  For details contact Sifu Jennifer Leaf or Sifu Belinda Hadfield at

Damo Staff is one of the key forms in the Chun Yuen Quan (North Shaolin) syllabus within the Tse Qigong Centre teaching.  It is great fun, really good for co-ordination and posture and straightens out those shoulder issues acquired from too much computer work!  It uses a brow height wooden staff.  Another staff form taught by the Tse Qigong Centre is 13 Grab Stick which is a shorter staff (breast height) but uses many similar movements.  13 Grab Stick will be taught by Grandmaster Michael Tse when he next visits New Zealand in early March next year.


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