Chen style Taijiquan classes starting in Te Horo


From Wednesday March 13 Sifu Shaw will be teaching Chen Style Taijiquan classes at Te Horo Hall from 7pm – 8pm.  Sifu Shaw has responded to strong local interest in establishing this class.  Dayan Qigong classes continue as advertised but this is a new class and is likely to attract beginner students – or students who have tried another style of Taijiquan in the past.

Chen style Taijiquan developed in Chen family village in the province of Henan during the Ming dynasty.  Founder Chen Wang Ting (b.1580) brought together elements of his family martial skill, Shaolin kung fu, Daoist philosophy and knowledge of Qigong and and traditional medical knowledge to create the forerunner of a powerful internal martial art.  Tradition tells us that Yang Style and others such as Wu style all came from the Chen family skill.

Chen style Taijiquan is distinguished from other styles by its lower stances and silk reeling / spiral energy to deflect attack and create powerful energies for defence and attack.  It includes several weapons forms as well as ‘bare fist’ long and short forms.

While Taijiquan features in Wushu competitions and includes some spectacular ‘fast and furious’ forms, most people practise for the health and stress releasing benefits it brings.  Improvements to balance, co-ordination, posture and greater flow of ‘qi’ cirulating through the body are all experienced if correct and regular practice are followed.  There is also a lot of fun learning together – and of course learning something new is very good for the brain!

Please leave a message on this site or text to 021 613 081 if you are interested in joining the class.

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