photo NZ Instructors with Sifu Jessica Tse and Master Tse

A New Look

Welcome to the new website for New Zealand Wild Goose Qigong: Wellington.    This website features strong images of Master Tse Wei Jing (Michael), the founder of the Tse Qigong Centre (UK) by whom I am authorised to teach the skills of Dayan Qigong and Chun Yuen Quan.  This lineage of authentic instruction goes back to Master Tse’s teachers in China, such as Yang Meijun and many many generations before her.  I am Master Tse’s grand student through my Sifu, Jessica Tse and now some of my students have also begun their journey to become authorised instructors. This ensures the skills will continue to be passed down to future generations here in Wellington.

For current students and others seeking to find out more, this website provides you with information about the skills and their philosophical origins that are taught here in the Wellington classes, and how the classes and syllabii are structured for learners.  We welcome adult learners of all ages and any level of fitness.  Evening and day classes and private lessons are all available.  In addition you will see information about up coming seminars taught by Master Tse who will make his annual visit to Australia and New Zealand late February – early March.   Through this blog, I will keep you informed about classes, events and general information about the skills and related philosophies.

You can also follow the link to the Tse Qigong Centre website ( and to Master Tse’s weekly Dao published on his London Qigong website ( .

I am extremely grateful to Tse Qigong Centre Senior Instructor, Siba Darryl Moy of Manchester, who has created this website for your use.  His deep knowledge of the skills and philosophies taught by the Centre have ensured the website is ‘fit for purpose’.  Thank you Darryl!

I look forward to receiving any feedback or comments and of course, look forward to enquiries from prospective students.  You will enter a world as interesting as it is health giving – a world I am daily grateful to be part of.

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