13 Grab Stick Seminar NZ

2020 Seminars with Master Tse – Postponed to July

Unfortunately the advertised programme for Master Tse’s visit to New Zealand has had to be postponed because of the Coronovirus situation.  It is currently scheduled to take place in the week 7-13 July.  Information will be published closed to that time.

We look forward every year to his seminars in a range of martial arts and Dayan Qigong.  Not only is this an opportunity to learn from the amazing teaching offered by Master Tse, but getting together with other students across New Zealand and Australia is enriching and great fun.

New Zealand Programme

The New Zealand programme this year will include  two evenings of 13 Grabstick – which has been hugely popular the last two years.  This is open to anyone whether you have studied in the Chun-Yuen syllabus or not.  Sticks will be available to purchase but give us plenty of warning if you are new to this form so we can ensure a supply of sticks.  We need your height to cut the stick correctly for you.

Hard Qigong Level 1 continues from previous years and is open to current active members of the Tse Qigong Centre who have studied for at least one year.

The weekend seminar this year continues with Plum Blossom Gong.  Again this is open to new and existing members. This is a beautiful form from the Level 2 Dayan Qigong syllabus.

There will be a shared dinner on Saturday evening.

Monday morning Master Tse will continue teaching Tui Shou / Pushing Hands for Chen Taijiquan students – this should not be missed by Taijiquan students.

And Monday evening wraps up the programme with polishing and reviewing forms taught the previous days or other forms that might be requested for polishing.

Detailed programmes and registration forms will be available by early May.  They can be requested from your Sifu if a current member or email cynthia.isabel.shaw@gmail.com .



Change of venue from Clyde Quay School Term 1 2020

Clyde Quay School is refurbishing the hall so classes have to be relocated for Term 1.  Classes will be held in the Hataitai Bowling Club, 157 Hataitai Rd.  This venue is just along from the Hataitai shops so not far on the other side of the Mt Victoria tunnel.  Classes resume 28 January:

6pm Chun Yuen style Shaolin or Chen style Taijiquan

6.30 – 7.30 Dayan Qigong

Welcome to new and returning students.  See you soon!