Chen Taijiquan Seminar October 19 – open to beginners and continuing students

I have been running a series of seminars  since 2017 teaching the first forms of Chen style Taijiquan to senior students.  Generally there have been three seminars a year and include lecture material, new learning and polishing of old learning.  Recently we have also practised basic Tui Shou (Pushing Hands) training and we look forward to more of that when Master Tse returns to New Zealand next February. There was a break this year as I  was overseas for a few months however the next seminar is October 19th at Te Horo Hall 12pm – 4pm.

I have decided to open up the seminar series to beginners who may wish to begin their Chen Taijiquan journey (or may have recently started) and through and through an intensive 3-4 hours learning get a good head start.  They may then follow up in classes or wait until the next seminar later this year probably.

These seminars have been great fun and as Sifu, I have been impressed by the focus and learning exhibited by the students – and their enthusiasm!  As Master Tse Wei Jing often comments, practising Chen Taijiquan is addictive – it is such a good feeling that comes from the spiral movements.  And of course, although a martial art, it is also very good for your health.

Go to the Taijiquan page on this website for more information.  Contact Sifu Cynthia Shaw on 021 613 081 if you are keen to attend this seminar and have not yet  been sent a registration letter.



Term 4 classes Wellington and Te Horo : Dayan Qigong, Shaolin Fist, Chen style Taijiquan

Classes recommence for Term 4 Tuesday October 15 in Wellington and Wednesday October 16 in Te Horo.

Shaolin Fist (Chun Yuen Quan) classes are held 11am Tuesdays in Karori, 6pm Tuesdays at Clyde Quay School and 6pm Wednesdays in Te Horo.  Traditional Shaolin forms adapted and passed down through the Beijing Opera include bare fisted forms for training postures, energy, balance etc and weapon forms including Damo staff, straight and broadsword forms and short staff forms.

Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong classes are held 11.30 – 12.30 Tuesdays at Karori, 6.30 – 7.30 pm at Clyde Quay and 6.30pm at Te Horo.  This is one of the most famous Qigong traditions, passed down to my Tai Sigong Yang Mei Jun and from her to Master Tse who founded the Tse Qigong Centre in the UK where he teaches a range of martial arts as well as Dayan Qigong. Wild Goose Qigong trains the body to allow freer circulation of Qi – for self healing, relaxation, improved balance and energy.

Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) classes and seminars are taught in Te Horo, Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm and through seminars held every few months on the Kapiti Coast. The next seminar is Saturday 19th October and is open to beginners.  See following post.  Chen Taijiquan syllabus begins with short forms developed by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang in Chen Village and progresses to longer forms as well as short weapon forms.

Beginners are welcome any time at all classes.  Please contact the Sifu, Cynthia Shaw, if you intend to attend a class.