Seminar Introducing Chen Taiji Quan Short Form

Chen style ‘Tai Chi’ (Taiji Quan) is one of five traditional Chinese skills taught within the Tse Qigong Centre.  Chen is the original Taiji skill from which other, often more commonly known Taiji skills, such as Yang style, have developed. Whereas Wild Goose Qigong is a skill purely for developing health and well-being, Taiji Quan originated as a martial art for defensive purposes.  None-the-less, both are internal and share some principles such as moving from the waist – in spiral movements in the case of Chen – and both support good health.

Sifu Cynthia Shaw will be teaching the Chen 19 Short Form in a series of seminars, starting on October 28th this year.  Cynthia’s Tai-Sigong is Chen Xiao Wang, current Grand-master of the Chen family skill, based in Chen Village, Henan Province in China.  Her Sigong, Tse Wei Jing (Michael Tse) led a party of Tse Qigong Centre members to Chen Village in October 2015.  “it was tremendously exciting to stand in Chen Family Temple, where some hundreds of years ago this skill first began.  And awesome to meet Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang himself and join in his 70th birthday celebrations.”

It is a privilege to be in a direct line of authorisation to teach this skill.  My Sigong Tse Wei Jing is a close student of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and is very particular to ensure the skill is passed down correctly with true energy so students can enjoy the health giving benefits of Chen Taiji Quan.

For further information contact Sifu Shaw at or phone 021 613081, or leave a message on this website.